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Classic Paolo Gucci design with interlocking rings and chains. The gold, blue, and white figures on the red background create a rich look. The Paolo Gucci crest logo appears on the back of the blade. The total length is 57″; width is 3.75″ at widest point. 100% silk. Made in Italy.

Condition: Excellent.*

Retail Price: Paolo Gucci ties typically range from $50-$150.00.

CDF Price: $58.00

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Paolo Gucci was the grandson of Guccio Gucci, who founded the Gucci label in 1921. Paolo’s father, Aldo, ran the company from the late 1940s to the 60s, then Paolo took over. It was Paolo who decided Gucci should produce ready-to-wear clothing (the first Gucci ready-to-wear collection was shown in 1969), and, according to Vogue, “by the early 1970s, the lean silhouettes, fur-lined coats, and shiny satin lapels we think of today as Gucci hallmarks began to appear.” A family feud erupted in 1981 when Paolo wanted to go solo. He eventually won the legal right to produce his own designs under the Paolo Gucci name, and did for several years. The New York Times wrote: “As the original line of finely crafted leather handbags, shoes and luggage grew to include silk scarves, blouses, dresses, perfume, men’s shirts, ties and eventually some 4,000 other products, Mr. Gucci claimed design credit for 80 percent of the items in the Gucci catalogue.” Paolo Gucci died in 1995, at age 64, just as the Gucci company was going public on the New York Stock Exchange.

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